Othello 2
Updated: 2/13/2020
Othello 2

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  • ACT 5This is the most important scene and it is very dramatic. Othello waits for Lago to kill Cassio so he can have the go to kill. Desdemona. He kills her then kills himself because he believed Lago over his loved wife.
  • ACT 4Othello finds out about Desdemona losing the handkerchief and Lago tells him how he saw Cassio using it to whip his beard. Othello goes to confront Desdemona and he asked her for the handkerchief. He then starts to really believe Lago and calls her a whore
  • ACT 3The importance of this scene is huge because this is where Lagos whole plan was put into play. He has asked Emilia multiple times to steal the handkerchief and it was finally dropped and she grabbed it. This was all for the plan to get Cassio killed and the handkerchief was used to put in his lodge and act as if Desdemona was there or gave him it.
  • ACT 2This scene shows Lago is really trying for the position he wants. He tells Rodrerigo a fake story about how Desdemona and Cassio are in love. He then gets Cassio drunk making him provoked causing him to fight Roderigo
  • ACT 1The scene I chose is important because it is showing how before they even arrive in Cyprus problems are already arising. Lago is trying to turn Othello on Cassio in order to become lieutenant and they are arguing before even on the ship.
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