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Updated: 2/14/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Man Vs. Man
  • "They meant you to be human,little third,but you're really a bugger,and now it shows."
  • Man Vs. Society
  • Score-board
  • This food sucks.
  • Man Vs. Nature
  • Hahaha!
  • Hahaha
  • Ouch!
  • Peter is cruel to Ender, Because he's had his monitor longer than Valentine and Peter.He's known as a third, because you're only supposed to have 2 children,although the Wiggins were allowed three.He presses his foot to Ender and tells him that if he were to kill Ender, then he would tell his parents it was just an accident. (9-14).
  • Man Vs. Technology
  • Ender wanted to go home and didn't think he belonged in battle school. All of the other boys were older and bigger than him. Ender watched in isolation as the other boys were talking about things like, the food, and the scoreboard on the wall. (38-41).
  • Man Vs. Self
  • I'm just like Peter.
  • Ender is playing a game on his desk, during his free play time and is trying to figure out how to pass the levels.There are these children playing on the playground, who then turn into wolf children .They attack Ender and laugh as he consistently falls through the slide. Ender began to get angry, so Ender pushed, and hit all of them, until they were all silent, as well as dead. dead. (71-72).
  • Man Vs. Supernatural
  • The battle school invents a computer mind game that test the minds of children. Ender decides to play the games during his free play, but got frustrated with the fact that he kept dying. (62-65).
  • Stupid game.
  • Stilson picks on Ender, because he doesn't have his monitor anymore. To keep this from happening again, Ender decides to beat Stilson up. Ender feels ashamed of what he did to Stilson and he is disappointed in himself for having his monitor removed. (6-8).
  • Mazer Rackham explains to Ender that the Buggers are the problem and need to be killed.tells Ender that he will have his battle will be his final examination for Command school. Ender attacks the Buggers homeland and destroys them, with a victory. Later, Ender finds out that Graff and Mazer have used him to defeat the Buggers. He is told that he was actually the commander of the third invasion. Ender is frustrated and never wanted to actually harm anyone. (260-304)
  • Attack!