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rock cycle
Updated: 2/17/2019
rock cycle
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Storyboard Description

this comic strip is a story of a rock going through the rock cycle

Storyboard Text

  • this is lenora well not the volcano zoom in
  • This is Lenora she is currently. lava that is cooling to make a igneous rock. a igneous rock is made when lava or magma cools and hardens
  • when weathering happens it wears things down. deposition transports Lenora into the sea. she is made smaller by weathering.
  • the water can make rocks cool and harden and ware down to where they are just tiny pieces
  • the tiny pieces then get washed up on land and a bunch of other rocks are put on top of them to make a metamorphic rock
  • after the rocks are in the ground they eventually find a volcano and their process starts all over again 
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