Updated: 6/4/2020

Storyboard Text

  • its just another robot. Maxine..its no big whoop
  • Kristi, this isn't just another robot, this is an artificially intelligent fully-
  • hey, where are you guys going?
  • if its so smart why is it going to school?
  • wow!
  • it must be here! I need to see it!
  • Max weaves her way through the crowd so she can see the robot.
  • nice work, you already broke it max.
  • I this my fault?
  • Max hurried to class. the day was somewhat normal after that, and before she knew it it was the next school day.
  • keep the hallways clear and safe. D tags will be assigned in 5 seconds
  • but...
  • discipline tag assigned-to M. Zealaster