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Mean Girls at School
Updated: 10/9/2020
Mean Girls at School
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Storyboard Description

The new girl at school wanted to be part of the popular group. She asked them if they wanted to be friends and one girl laughed in her face while the other had an idea. They said she had to dump her lunch on the weird girl. The new girl never heard something so wrong but she wanted to be accepted. As she was doing it she realized she messed up. She ran after the girl who went to cry in the bathroom. She felt horrible and realized it is not worth being cool if she has to do those horrible things.

Storyboard Text

  • new girl meets popular girls
  • hahhahahah
  • You know the weird girl, dump your lunch on her.
  • You have to prove yourself first.
  • Do you guys want to be friends?
  • the quiet girl is bullied by new girl so she can be cool
  • omg why am i doing this
  • the new girl realized what she did
  • I am so sorry for doing that, I thought being friends with the popular girls would make me happy.
  • Why would you do that what did i do to you?
  • The new girl at school did not know anyone at all. But she did know that she wanted to be friends with the popular girls. When she introduces herself they say she has to prove herself to be part of the friend group. She's willing to do it for the clout.
  • It is now lunch time and her dare was to dump lunch on the quiet girl. As she is doing it she is thinking to herself "why am i doing this" and this is because the quiet girl didn't do anything wrong. The girl then runs to the bathroom with food all over her.
  • The new girl follows her to see that she is crying on the floor. The quiet girl asks why she would do that. The new girl doesn't even have a good reason. She feels extremely bad and realizes being popular isn't worth it if you have to hurt others.
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