Updated: 9/10/2020

Storyboard Description

Maddie Hawkins and Carmen Woodall John Mayer, question 2, Welch, restrict

Storyboard Text

  • What's up John Mayer? What brings you to my home town of Welch?
  • Hey Steve Harvey! I was wondering if you could help me on my math homework.
  • Sure thing? What is restricting you from doing this problem?
  • Well... I figured out that in the problem, (2.5 x 10^-7)(2.2 x 10^5) divided by (2.5 x 10^6), that you can first cancel out the 2.5's on top and bottom, but I can't figure out the rest.
  • Well... next you have to move all the 10s up to the top so you combine the -7 and 5 exponents and then take the opposite of the exponent in bottom (6 becomes -6). This all combines to -8. So the answer would be 2.2 x 10^-8
  • Wow thank you for the help Steve!
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