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Emotional Regulation Group
Updated: 6/16/2019
Emotional Regulation Group
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  • Hi everyone! Today we will continue to talk about our different emotions and what we can do to deal with these emotions.
  • Some girl and her friend were laughing at me when I was taking to long to clean the isle.
  • A customer got mad at me because I didn't know where the the tooth paste was when he asked me.
  • Has anyone here got aggravated or mad at work lately?
  • I haven't had any issues at work, I never get mad and am always fine.
  • I started crying and ran away and stopped cleaning because I was so sad and embarrassed and I couldn't help myself
  • Anna that is awful, I'm sorry that happened to you. How did you deal with the situation?
  • Tom, can you suggest a coping strategy to Anna that may have helped in this situation?
  • When I was younger and would get upset and mad, I would always take 5 deep breathes because that would help me to relax.
  • I have never tried to take deep breathes before. Thanks Tom for the advice.
  • Anna, have you ever tried to use deep breathes to calm you in these situations that make you sad or embarrassed?
  • I apologized to the customer, but he was still mad at me. I got mad once he left and my job coach told me i could take 5 minutes to cool off
  • Mike, what did you do in your situation when the customer got mad at you?
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