Eng. 1st 9 weeks

Updated: 10/16/2020
Eng. 1st 9 weeks

Storyboard Text

  • What it do home skillet
  • What's poppin broski
  • I'm out cuh I'll see ya later
  • Most of the book takes place in different places in New Jersey
  • Ow ow ow ow I'm hurting ow
  • Nicholas is best friends with Coby since he moved from Ghana. They have one big thing in common, they both live and breathe soccer
  • You are going to stay home and read
  • You suck dad
  • Nicholas's mom leaves the family to separate from the dad
  • Dr. pepper Dallas Cup
  • Nicholas has a perforated appendix
  • Nicholas's dad tells him he can't play in the Dr. pepper Dallas cup because he has to stay home and read
  • Is he ever going to play in the soccer tournament?