Fall Of Rome
Updated: 1/24/2020
Fall Of Rome
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  • Hello, my name is Francis, and today I will be discussing how my home, Rome, "fell apart".
  • 3 main reasons why my Rome "fell" were due to military problems, assassinations, and foreign invasions.
  • Well, not everyone in the Roman empire wore such attire. Originally they did, but they became lazy and stopped as it was heavy.
  • To the right of me, is my friend, Samuel. As you can see, Samuel is part of the Roman military. You also can notice that Samuel is in proper fighting attire.
  • That being said, when the Roman soldiers went into battle they had no protection and were beaten by their opponents and easily injured.
  • Currently, I am in the main part of Rome, well what used to be Rome. I came here to give a visual for the next reason why Rome "fell".
  • To the left of me, is one of Rome's newest emperors before the city was destroyed. He is some of the only emperors who survived.
  • Many emperors of Rome died due to assassinations. It was a constant battle for power. The empire became vulnerable. This caused the empire to "fall".
  • And finally, we have come to the last main reason why Rome "fell".
  • The city of Rome fell apart due to foreign invaders.
  • Many foreign civilizations invaded Rome. Because our military was so weak, our soldiers could not stop them. As more groups invaded Rome it left Rome with less area to rule and to control. This gave Rome less power and caused their empire to fall.
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