Updated: 2/11/2020

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  • Why the town was established
  • Find gold
  • Expand territory
  • The problems Roanoke had
  • Exactly! We are just business men!
  • Do you guys seriously call this good farming land?
  • We don't even know how to farm though...
  • This really is such a successful town!
  • How to make it better
  • WOW! Roanoke is amazing!
  • The reason the town was established because the settlers were searching of gold and also were wanting to expand England's territory.
  • Roanoke had many problems. To start there was terrible farm land. Also none of the men were prepared. They were all just business men. Roanoke suffered terribly and they sadly never found gold.
  • I would for starters settle in a spot where there is better farming land. Next I would bring farmers not business men. They would actually know what to do. I believe Roanoke would have been a lot better off if farmers were brought to the land.