Sword and the stone
Updated: 12/10/2020
Sword and the stone

Storyboard Text

  • "WHOSO PULLETH OUT THIS SWERD OF THIS STONE AND ANVYLD IS RIGHTWYD KYNGE BORNE OF ALL BRYTAYGNE"On Christmas morning a tournament would be held to finally see who the rightful ruler of England was. Whoever pulls the sword out of the stone was truly the king.
  • Sir Kay asked Arthur to find him a sword as he realized he had left his at home. Arthur hurries to go back to the house but it is locked so he goes in search of another.
  • Arthur unknowingly takes the sword from the rock and brought it to Sir Kay where Kay realized what it was and claimed it to be his but realized that was not the right thing to do and told his dad what Arthur had done.
  • Sir Ector brought this news to the Archbishop and no one wanted to believe him so they held 3 more tournaments to ty and prove them wrong but Arthur as the winner every time.
  • Everyone protested Arthur as king because he was so young.
  • Arthur promised to rule justly and he as crowned king of England
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