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Zombie Short Story
Updated: 8/26/2020
Zombie Short Story
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  • Some days you just have to laugh, and other days you chop off a zombie’s head instead.
  • Well, the only problem with that is, I can’t. My truck just broke down and I’m a mile away from my base, which is surrounded by zombies. It’s probably from the fact that they can smell my older sister, her husband, my five-year-old nephew, my daughter, my partner, and some kid I saved. Only some have noticed me. I don’t know if I can kill all of them. These decaying freaks know one thing: eat. That’s all they do.
  • Holy-! They’re shaking my truck! Why can’t these flesh-eating freaks leave me alone?! They should go bother someone else out here! I want nothing to do with them. I began to shoot them through a small hole that the end of my gun could go through and just barely move around. It wasn’t the best spot, but I could definitely move my gun around to shoot the zombies on the right side of my truck.
  • The shaking only got worse as I began to shoot. It was really messing up my aim. Why did I have to do this by myself? This was a mistake! Wait. I’ve only killed one zombie?! You’ve got to be kidding me! This is going to take forever! I began to go back to shooting, killing two more zombies. That was a mistake. The zombies on the left side tipped over my truck, crushing the few zombies left on the right side. I’m so dead. So, so dead! I won’t be able to make it out alive! I can’t just get out of my truck! They’ll be able to climb on top of it and eat me!
  • Whoever is reading this, please bring one other person with you on any mission, no matter how small it is. Always make sure you are stocked up on food and water. You also need an above-ground base, a bunker, and a backup base. Keep stock on weapons and ammo, especially ammo. If you go out on missions, make sure you have an armored vehicle. You can get to and from faster and get more supplies. Don’t live in the vehicle. The best place to live is in a rural area. Always make sure you have gasoline. If any of my family members are reading this, I love and care about all of you. I’m sorry I’m going out like this. It’s a similar way to when we lost Blake. I don’t want to hurt you all like this, but that’s life in the apocalypse. I know it’s a dumb idea to just make a run for it. I’ll see you guys on the other side.
  • I went to reload my gun. I opened the left side door to shoot, but my gun got jammed after killing three of them. I immediately shut the door. The remaining zombies tried climbing onto my truck. I’m doomed! I’m not going to make it out alive! I’m going to die! I don’t want to die! I have a family to support! Why did I do this to myself? I found a handgun in the driver’s side door! Maybe I have more of a chance! I got it ready to fire. I opened the passenger door ever so slightly. I fired. WHY IS THERE NO AMMO IN THE BACKUP GUN!?? I slammed the door shut. That’s it! I have nothing else left to do but die trying! There’s more of a chance of me getting bitten and going through the horrifying zombie process than me surviving!
  • Then the beautiful sound of a vehicle driving closer to me snapped me out of my panic. I know that sounds too! It’s my partner’s modified bus. I never questioned how they got it, but it’s the best thing ever. I heard the shots of a rifle shooting into the zombies around my truck. I’m saved! I got out of the truck, taking as much of the supplies that I got as I could. I kicked the last remaining zombie in the face, knocking its undead head off. I jumped down off the truck. I rushed over to the bus.I knew I was going to get scolded for this, but I don’t care! I’m alive! I’m not going to die! That’s all that really matters to me right now. I sat in one of the front seats on the bus. I held on to the supplies I took. It wouldn’t take us long to get back. I feel this weird pain on my leg though. Oh well!
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