The Midnight Visitor
Updated: 5/26/2021
The Midnight Visitor

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  • Hmm, I expected the place to be more classic. I hope the guy I'm meeting and his style will match my expectations, atleast.
  • I'm supposed to write a best-selling novel based on this?! And the dark.
  • I can tell that you are dissapointed. You are a writer, young and romantic, and I bet you expected some more mystery, and probably a fit spy, eh?
  • But worry less, my young friend. You see, there are some important papers being delivered today, which will affect the course of history.
  • Finally! Something to write about! His accent though, you'd think it would change after years of speaking Germany and French, instead he speaks these languages in an American accent.How queer!
  • Quite important you say, Mr.Ausable
  • Oh very, these are the result of the sacrifices of great men and women.
  • Allow me a moment to switch on the light.
  • A gun! MY first thrill today! I'm terrified, yet exited at the same time.
  • AAH!
  • Max?! You startled me. Aren't you supposed to be in Berlin?
  • It's safer in my hands than yours, ergo, I'll be taking it.
  • The report, concerning some new missiles. It's reaching you tonight
  • (Sigh) This is the second time in a month that someone got into my room through that nuisance of a balcony!
  • Someone did get into my room that way, last month, and the management promised to block it off, but it didn't.
  • Balcony huh? No, I got in with a passkey. Now that I know, the balcony seems like an easier way to get in and out.
  • It's not my balcony. It belongs to the next apartment.
  • Aah! Is he talking to me?
  • Thirty one minutes. The appointment was for 12:30. I wish I knew how you knew about the report.
  • You there, this is going to take about half an hour. You might want to sit down.
  • And we wish we knew how your people got the report.