How British take over India
Updated: 6/22/2020
How British take over India
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  • may be or may not
  • 1599 The East India Company founded and began trading in India
  • India was not united country. There were many small states, Each one with its own ruler . The East India company sometimes asked for permission to trade in Indian states but sometimes it did not.
  • You are in control of Queen Victoria!
  • I know but what did she promise the Indians?!
  • French had their own East India Company. In 1700 It escalated into a full scale war and the armies from these two countries were dragged.
  • The British agreed that they would help any Indian ruler who would help them to trade and they would defeat any ruler who blocked their trade
  • Robert Clive persuaded a Indian general to fight with him and overthrow Siraj-Ud-Daula the ruler of Bengal. The battle was won by Robert Clive and British got Bengal.
  • Robert Clive treated as a hero in England. From then he took more and more Indian states under British control. The French were soon defeated and pushed out of India.
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