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honors biology
Updated: 4/8/2019
honors biology
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energy changes cartoon

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  • The ball is motion and sound kinetic energy to gravitational potential energy. Motion and sound because the ball is moving and making noise, and gravitational because the higher the ball goes, the more gravitational potential energy it has. The entropy is the energy that is used
  • Sitting is potential energy and walking is kinetic energy so the entropy is the energy that you use to walk.
  • An untied balloon is potential energy because if you let go of it then it's kinetic energy and the entropy is that you can never get the same air back in the balloon.
  • A battery is potential energy and turning the toothbrush on is kinetic energy but the part of the battery that's being used is the entropy.
  • Pulling the swing back is potential energy and swinging is kinetic energy so the entropy is whatever kinetic energy is used to swing.
  • Chewing is potential energy and digesting is kinetic energy. The entropy is the energy that you use.
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