COVID 19 Storyboard Project
Updated: 1/19/2021
COVID 19 Storyboard Project

Storyboard Text

  • What causes COVID-19 and how does it spread?COVID-19 is caused by SARS-CoV-2. COVID -19 spreads person to person though droplets that enter though the nose or mouth.
  • How the virus replicate?SARS-CoV-2 ability to replicate by attaching to a specific protein on the surface of the cell and fuses with the cell membrane releasing the viruses RNA into your cells
  • How can the virus slightly change over time?In the genome replication process is prone to errors those errors are called mutations. mutations can occur in the genome. In a mutation a nucleotide can be substituted with a different nucleotide added in the wrong place or left out
  • How does a mutation affect us and how infectious can it be?Mutations may more may not affect a virus’s Ability to spread in a population. Viruses with mutations that help the virus replicate or infect cells have a selective advantage. Those viruses usually become more common in a population over time.
  • How the virus is detected in a person? What specifically do the tests look for? The virus is detected by a PCR test. or the antigen test. In the test they look for pieces of the RNA genome or viral proteins.
  • What are antibodies?Antibodies are proteins produced by body's immune system to fight off infections 
  • What happens inside your cells and body once the vaccine reaches the cells? Once the vaccine reaches your cells it will release genetic material called messenger RNA. The vaccine carries genetic instructions that has coding. The spike protein is what the vaccines mRNA codes for. The mRNA makes its way into the cytoplasm of your cells.Where the ribosomes read the information And start to create the spiked proteins. Then It goes to the cell's membrane And then the cell breaks down And destroys the injected mRNA instructions
  • what does the vaccine do?The vaccine gives your Immune system a preview of what the virus Looks like Without causing disease. Your antibodies will notice the virus will know that the virus does not belong in your body. Which triggers A immune response which recognize And prepare your body for the real thing without coming into contact with the actual virus