Gold Hunt
Updated: 5/27/2020
Gold Hunt

Storyboard Text

  • Leah knows she did the right thing by telling her dad the truth although she feels guilty for throwing Jake under the bus.
  • What have I done!? Jake is going to murder me!
  • Are you kidding!? I am going to kill him. He better watch his back!
  • The next day at the lake...
  • Are you sure you want to do this?
  • Yes. I must find out what else was with my father's compass.
  • Be safe Jake!
  • A key, a notebook and a water bottle. Interesting, I will take everything though.
  • Jake has returned with all of his finds. He is waiting to get to the tree house so that they can analyze everything together.
  • Did you find anything good?
  • Potentially. I will show you at the tree house.
  • A water bottle, a notebook and a key. Interesting.
  • I think the key says something. "The Glory", what is that?
  • That's the name of Lucas's boat! I will go to him right now to find out more info.
  • Hey Lucas, what's up? I found a key to your boat in the ocean, do you know what that is about?
  • Jake went to Lucas's house to ask his question and possibly find out more, but he did not get the reply he hoped for.
  • You wanna know "what's up", I am going to hurt you for stealing my $4,000 scuba equipment and not asking me, but asking Leah.