madison letson
Updated: 2/24/2021
madison letson

Storyboard Text

  • 1st species of rabbits
  • foxes appear
  • rabbits start dying off
  • There is a ton of small rabbits their genes are smaller legs and they are a bit cubbier.
  • new species of rabbits appear
  • Foxes start to appearing and eating the rabbits.
  • new rabbits start evolving
  • The rabbits have a hard time getting away from the foxes because of the way their generation is. If they want to survive there needs to be a mutation or natural selection will take them out.
  • new species of rabbits better for surviving
  • One of the offspring of a short rabbit is a bit skinner and has longer legs. The traits of this offspring makes it easier to escape from the foxes.
  • The genes of this rabbit over time evolve and there is a variation of rabbits now.
  • The bigger rabbits do much better than the smaller rabbits with escaping from the foxes.