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American Revolution
Updated: 11/16/2017
American Revolution
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  • Colonial delegates held a meeting in Philadelphia to decide how to react o the fighting at Lexington and Concord.
  • Decided to not break away from Britain.
  • 2nd Continental Congress
  • Created a Continental Army and put George Washington in command.
  • Signed a petition called the olive branch petition as a last attempt at peace but,was rejected by the king. 
  • Colonists made forts at Breed's hill and Bunker hill to stop British from trying to take Charlestown.
  • Showed that the colonists could actually fight against the british.
  • Battle of Bunker Hill
  • Death Toll Colonists-400 Bristish-1000
  • Colonists were well protected but low ammunition is what caused them to lose.
  • Members- John Adams, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Robert LIvingston, And Roger Sherman
  • Main Author- Thomas Jefferson
  • Signing of the Declaration of Independence
  • Took ideas from Locke from the Enlightenment period.
  • States all men possess unalienable rights.
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