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Law of Sines Comic
Updated: 5/16/2020
Law of Sines Comic
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  • Quarantine Adventures
  • I'm really bored Alissa.
  • Me too. Let's go on an adventure!
  • A car drive later...
  • How high up do you think the kite is Alissa?
  • Good question Theresa! Lets find out!
  • Using the Law of Sines, the equation will look like: Sin43/x = Sin102/10Cross Multiply and you get xSin102=10Sin43When you simplify x=7Then you add the three. The kits is 10 feet in the air!
  • Theresa is holding the string 3 feet from the ground and Alissa is standing 5 feet away from Theresa right under the kite. If there is 10 feet of string for the kite out, How high up in the air is the kite?
  • 43°
  • 10 ft
  • 5 ft
  • 102°
  • x
  • The angle of elevation is 43° and the angle where Alissa is standing is 102°
  • We got the kite so high up!! Lets do it again!!
  • The End.
  • Okay!
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