Homie G versus Wall-E-E
Updated: 11/13/2020
Homie G versus Wall-E-E

Storyboard Text

  • There was once an illiterate penguin named Homie G. He wasn't the brightest penguin in the world. For example, he is an ornithologist which studies his own kind.
  • There was also an egocentric walrus named Wallee that lived on the iceberg north of homie G's iceberg. No one liked him because of how self-centered he was...
  • One day Homie G went on a date with a pretty seal named Homie C the seal in the pacific ocean.
  • After seeing how much fun Homie G and Homie C have together, Wallee became infused with so much envy that he turned green...quite literally.
  • He began to spiral into a mental state of anger. Homie C's world didn't revolve around him, and that had to be changed.
  • When Homie G got home from his day with Homie C, he turned on the news to see that Homie C was missing!
  • Although shocked, Homie G had a good idea of who the culprit could be,,,,
  • Homie G knew how repungnent Wallee's mind can get when he's jealous, so he was the first one Homie G decided to interrogate.
  • HELP!