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Updated: 12/20/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Siddhartha was born in a palace as a prince. He was born in the 6th century B.C. around 624 B.C. One day a holy man told his father if Siddhartha was isolated from the outside world and sheltered he might become great things like a priest and such.
  • Siddhartha left the palace with his tutors son and saw sick-man, aging men and dying man. Once he saw them he was mesmerized and decided to leave his family to be one of them. In becoming one of theses men he did not eat.
  • He decided to not starve himself to death and lost many followers. He then chose to do the steps to become Buddha. First he had a retaliation, then he suffered in someway. He also he transcended suffering by removing images and then he learned to move beyond what all happened in his life. Then he became someone who teaches Nirvana on the Slik Road, spreading the world.
  • Your journey is unique to you. You are your own guru. You are you. Here are some things i learned.
  • In the 6th century B.C, a prince named Siddhartha was born. Siddhartha's father, Brahmin was told by a Holy-Man that his son would become something great one day, such as a king or a priest. He also tells Brahmin that this will only happen if he is isolated from the outside world. Once he got a little older his tutor's son took him out to see the "outside world". He saw things like sick-man, aging man and dying man. He became amazed by them and once he was old enough he left everything to become one of the people. At one point he started to starve himself and gain many followers. The next moment he realized that that wasn't his calling and lost all his followers by not staving himself. He proceeded to try to find himslef and did that by doing the steps to become Budda and making rules as he went on. Soon after this he learns to teach what he learned which is called Nirvana on the silk road. That caused Buddhism to spread like crazy.
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