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Story of Bloodshed and Heroics
Updated: 9/20/2018
Story of Bloodshed and Heroics
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  • Let us tell the wonders of creation!
  • Within the halls of Herot king Hrothgar and his people rejoiced.
  • This is a great party!
  • Unknown to them a wretched decedent of Cain stirred.
  • Angry with the merry making Grendel rose from the depths to terrorize the great hall.
  • Please don't kill us!
  • The Brave Follower of Higlac heard of the terror of Grendel's rein, and he decided to make the journey to Herot.
  • I Beowulf will save the Danes!
  • AHHHHHH! Let me go!
  • He then hung the severed arm from the rafters as a sign of victory.
  • When Grendel entered the great hall, he encountered Beowulf. The mighty warrior vanquished him by ripping off his arm.
  • When Grendel's mother learned of her son's death she rose up and killed the kings best friend. 
  • I will avenge my son!
  • Beowulf chopped off her head with a magical giants sword.
  • King Beowulf ruled his kingdom well until the day he perished while fighting a dragon. The loyal Wiglaf took up the fight and vanquished the dragon.
  • Wiglaf had Beowulf's tower built in his honor.
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