Creative monster on maple street broad.

Updated: 5/12/2020
Creative monster on maple street broad.

Storyboard Text

  • Doesn’t make sense. Why should the power go off all of a sudden, and the phone line?
  • maybe some sort of an electrical storm or something.
  • That doesn’t seem likely. Sky’s just as blue as anything. Not a cloud. No,lightning. No thunder. No nothing. How cloud it be a storm?
  • It isn’t just the power failure, Charlie. If it was, we’d still be able to get a broadcast on the portable.
  • I can’t get a thing on the radio. Not even the portable.
  •  Why don’t you go downtown and check with the police, though they’ll probably think we’re crazy or something. Little power failure and right away we got all flustered.
  • I’ll run downtown and will get this all straightened out.
  • out of gas?
  • I don’t understand it. It was working before...
  •  It’s as if everything has just stopped... we’d better walk downtown.
  • No, I just had filled it up.
  • what’s it mean?
  • I don’t know Steve I don’t know.
  • two of us can go, Charlie. it couldn’t be a meteor, a meteor couldn’t do this right?