Updated: 2/23/2021

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  • Ignore your responsibilities
  • How Freud Sees Me
  • What should I be doing?
  • Do all of your home work
  • How Alder Sees Me
  • I want to watch a horror movie!
  • What if we watch a movie we all like?
  • I want to watch a romantic comedy!
  • How Horney Sees Me
  • While working on school work from home, I often have a battle with myself about when I should complete my assignments. My id, the dangerous and risk-taking side, tells me to put it off while my superego, the logical side, tells me to complete it.
  • How Rogers Sees Me
  • According to Alder, the order in which siblings are born affect their personalities. Above, my siblings and I are arguing over what we are going to watch. The child in the middle, second born, is making peace between the siblings and offering a compromise. This is the description Alder uses to describe the middle child.
  • How Costa and McCrae See Me
  • Let's go see what is inside!!
  • I don't think its such a good idea:(
  • I cleaned my room hoping that my mother will be proud, even though she remains indifferent. However, I continue to do things in order for her to deem me worthy. Horney would say I am dealing with my mother's distance with compliance.
  • How Eysenck Sees Me
  • We should ask new people to ride something with us!
  • I agree! The more the merrier!
  • Roger's believed that all people were supposed to reach their fullest potential/self-actualization. In order to achieve my future career goals, since they apply to my overall potential, I will have to perform well in school.
  • Doing well in school will help me in the future!
  • One of the five traits that Costa and McCrae use is openness which means someone is open to new experiences. The girl on the left wants to explore while I am hesitant. This would mean that she has a strong sense of openness and I do not.
  • Eysenck believed that extraversion vs. introversion and stability vs. instability identified personalities well. In the example, we are demonstrating stable extraversion because we are sociable and easygoing.