Updated: 1/9/2019

Storyboard Text

  • Most people think that finger prints help catch criminal.....well, it does but it is much better for us because we don't have to travel so far we can easily do it from our offices right here .
  • In fact it is very easy to to transport because of the new technology that is coming out. So we can bring them everywhere now that they are very easy to carry because they are smaller and much lighter than before.That makes our lives a little easier!
  • Plus, than we also use finger printing system to make sure our employees are not fake . We insure each employee has a proper scan before they enter work so we can make sure no ones ID is taken.
  • Moving on to the next most important thing that we believed how technology had evolved in the years will be a very surprising thing to hear for you new recruits and we all use it ....... social media
  • The documentary was going well ...... better than l expected !
  • This not that bad !
  • This is nice !
  • Yes, social media is quite important too us! You might be ask how ?How social media has made our work evolve for the better! Well the answer to that question is that when we keep in touch in social media we can see what's going on in our community and we can gain knowledge if there is anything wrong and catch hackers and such you new recruits know that our agencies is for a Intelligence after all. We sometimes we also give tips to people to watch out for hackers.
  • In fact in 2010 research shows that 81% detectives use social media in their work
  • l feel so good about myself !
  • For those of you recruits who want to experience new skills in technology and we are looking for those who have a university degree in computer science and technology and those of you who don't you do not have a degree don't to worry because we will cover your university education remember that we selected for a reason and each of you will find why soon enough!
  • That was the end of the documentary and i was proud of myself !
  • Oh thank you sir!
  • Wow Mira this is amazing work this will sure bring new recruits !
  • There you have my story now its time for yours will come join and help make a safer home for all of us ! After all its my advice and your choice .
  • The End !