Updated: 3/30/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hi! I'm Mary! My friend Pueblo and I are going to show you our daily school routine!
  • First, we ride the bus to school with our friends!
  • Hey! Whats up! I'm Pueblo! 
  • Next, we get our backpack and books from our locker and head off to class!
  • Pueblo is always worried he will be late! So, as soon as we get to school he rushes off to class!
  • Bellwork:Solve 5x + 7x=y**Remember the formula**
  • Hello class! Please do your bellwork!
  • My first period is math! Ugh! Its always hard for me to focus in this class! Math makes me nervous. Math is hard!
  • Mrs. Macy's Adv. Math class
  • Welcome! Let's create something artsy and fabulous!
  • Welcome!Mrs. Stacy's Art Elective
  • My second period is art! I LOVE Art! Mrs. Stacy is so nice! Right now I'm painting a flower!
  • Lunch Time!
  • For our last part of our school routine, once we are done with all our classes we go to the library to do homework and study
  • Then we ride the bus back home!