Updated: 5/18/2020

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Storyboard Text

  • A long time ago in Athens two people Hermia and Lysander both really wanted to get married but the duke of Athens wants a boy called Demetrius to marry Hermia.
  • The duke threatens Hermia so her and Lysander run away but they tell Helena who also likes Demetrius so she tells him because she has a plan. In these woods there are craftsmen discussing how they are going to present a play to the king and queen of the faries.
  • The craftsmen practice while a fairy (puck) hides in a tree.
  • Helena was rejected by Demetrius and as they are arguing Oberon see's Helena and feels sorry for her he wants to use magic a magic flower on her but also wants to trick her wife with it as they have been arguing over an Indian boy.
  • The flower juice gets quite mixed up between the young lovers and Oberon's wife (Titania) but in the end they all love each other. In the meantime Nick bottom (a craftsmen) and Titania fall in love even though bottoms head is a donkey.
  • Eventually they all get married as the king see's that Demetrius loves Helena and the craftsmen play there act at the wedding.