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Part 3: Periodicity
Updated: 2/14/2020
Part 3: Periodicity
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  • Atomic Radius
  • The Atomic Radius on the other hand decreases across the period, for the elements get smaller. But down a group/family (the columns in the periodic table) increase their radius! But as the element grows in size the atomic shielding weakens and First Ionization Energy and Electronegativity decreases as a result.
  • H (Hydrogen)
  • Na (Sodium)
  • Rb (Rubidium)
  • WORD BANKPeriodic TableElementsValence ElectronsAtomic RadiusFirst Ionization EnergyElectronegativityAtomic ShieldingPeriod Group / Family
  • Periodicity Production
  • CLAP!
  • Oh it is time to say goodbye! I hope you enjoyed my story and tea-partying with the valence electrons!
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