Cells #3
Updated: 6/12/2020
Cells #3
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  • As we all know plant cells and animal cells are different, and this is one of the key differences
  • Cell Walls and chloroplasts are only in plant cells
  • Sure, absolutely. Everyone, this is Cell Wall and Chlroplast
  • Great! Hi, i'm Chloroplast. My job is to absorb sunlight and convert it into carbohydrates. AKA photosythisis
  • Hey, i'm cell wall. I provide support and protection to the cell. I'm also the reason why plant cells are a lot more square shaped.
  • Great, we also have flagella and cilia, but they sadly couldn't make it today
  • The last mimi lesson today is a couple quick facts about cells
  • Cells are the smallest unit of any organsims that is capable of independant function!
  • All of us AKA the parts of a cell ahve to work together in order to function
  • Yeah, the naked eye can't see cells. Humans need a mircoscope!
  • Yes. exactly!
  • Now, everyone is ready to go help out a cell. Have fun and remember to work together!
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