Updated: 2/8/2020
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  • tTHE ID: "you should definetly try cheating because it will make you get good marks"
  • One Afternoon a girl named Katrina was working on her assignment that was due next week in her school Libary.
  • While she was working on it she had troubles with understanding what to do so she decided to go look for her friend Ruby. But while she was going to her she saw something very familiar laying on the floor, she saw the same exact assignment she was trying to work on but completely finished.
  • THE EGO: "you should understand that its not yours and should give it back
  • she got very excited and headed back to the libary because that would just mean that she doesn't have to do the assignment at all and could just copy it off.
  • THE SUPEREGO: "give it to her teacher instead so its more safier and you wouldn't be the victim"
  • She later realizes that it doesn't belong to her and that it would be bad to steal someone else work without their permission
  • But Katrina couldnt decide whether she should give it back to the student or give it to her teacher
  • At the end of the day she gives it back to her teacher and explains to them that she had just found it laying around of the floor. Katrina learned a lesson that no matter what, stealing something off someone isint fair not only to her but to the girl who worked so hard just to complete that Assignment
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