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Updated: 2/9/2021
Unknown Story

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  • “Minna-san, konnichiwa. Watashi no channeru ni yōkoso!Hello everyone and welcome back to my channelToday I’ll be teaching you how to introduce yourself in Japanese!
  • ‘Japan’ is ‘nihon’ in Japanese, and to say that someone is Japanese you add ‘jin’, ‘Jin’ is a word that shows that a person or a group of people belong somewhere, so it becomes ‘nihon-jin’.
  • A particle is added to a single word to indicate how a word functions. The particle ‘wa’ is a topic marker, because the word that’s marked by ‘wa’ functions as the topic of the sentence.
  • When these 2 are added together it makes ‘watashi-wa’, which is equivalent to ‘I’ in English. Because ’watashi’ itself doesn’t mean ‘i’ in English, it changes according to the particle that’s added to it.
  • For example, when you add the particle ‘o’ and say ‘watashi-o’ it changes to ‘me’ and when you add ‘no’, and say watashi-no’ it changes its meaning into ‘my’. So to say ‘I ’ in Japanese you would say ‘watashi-wa’.
  • And when you add it to your nationality and ‘am’ it becomes: ‘watashi-wa igirisu-jin des’. It becomes ‘watashi-wa igirisu-Jin des’ which translates into ‘I am British’
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