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Updated: 10/8/2021
Unknown Story

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  • It is spreading all over the world now.
  • A new virus called "Coronavirus" is discovered.
  • Let's pass some new rules and laws for this pandemic!
  • We should make rules and laws for quarantine and lockdown and make everyone wears mask.
  • A new pandemic is happening in the world.
  • We should listen to the government and stay at home during this pandemic.
  • You are sentenced to jail for five years for breaching the quarantine rules!
  • All countries make their own rules and laws to deal with the pandemic right away, including the U.S. and Vietnam.
  • Some general rules for the COVID pandemic are closing all working and public places, making everyone stay at home, and wearing masks when going outside.
  • Total COVID cases in Vietnam: 818K
  • Since Vietnam is a communist country, the government has more power and control than the citizens. Therefore, most Vietnameses listen to their government and follow the rules.
  • The Vietnam government will use its coercive power to punish any citizens who breach or go against the rules.
  • Therefore, no COVID protests have ever happened in Vietnam. This also makes Vietnam has fewer COVID cases than most countries in the world.