Eat Me - Patience Agabi
Updated: 12/7/2020
Eat Me - Patience Agabi

Storyboard Text

  • EAT ME
  • "When I hit thirty, he brought me a cake,""they said, eat me. And I ate, didwhat I was told. Didn’t even taste it."
  • "Then he asked me to get up and walkround the bed so he could watch my broadbelly wobble, hips judder like a juggernaut."
  • Soon you'll be forty
  • Open wide
  • "I was his Jacuzzi. But he was my cook,my only pleasure the rush of fast food,his pleasure, to watch me swell like forbidden fruit."
  • "His breadfruit. His desert island after shipwreck.Or a beached whale on a king-size bed""to fat to..."
  • " poured olive oil down my throat."
  • "I rolled and he drownedin my flesh. I drowned his dying sentence out.""There was nothing else left in the house to eat."
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