Updated: 5/31/2021

Storyboard Text

  • I want lunch
  • Prepare to meet your end.
  • Once upon a time their lived a bird and a cat .The cat always wanted to eat the bird .But he would escape every single time. Some times by flying in the sky and sometimes by sitting in the tree.
  • As usual the cat wanted to eat the bird. But suddenly a fox appeared out of no where. He looked at the cat and said "prepare to meat your end."But did not notice the bird.
  • How much more time left?
  • As he was about to eat the cat the bird threw a pebble. And the fox fell to the ground. And he got unconscious. Luckily both of them were fine and were safe for a while
  • I am so sorry
  • Then they went to a near by lake. And threw the fox in the lake . So there was no way he would be alive.
  • Then the cat let the bird lead to their home. It was a long journey. The cat and the bird reached home.
  • The cat also said sorry to the bird. And from that day they were very good friends.