Updated: 2/14/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Well that makes more sense! Sounds interesting. What are these 3 components?
  • I figured you'd say that. TPACK is a part of the education system. It incorporates the use of technology in the classroom as well as continuing the focus on the content and how it is taught. It is also has 3 components.
  • Wow! I'm really glad I ran into you! That was super interesting and I'll definitely be looking further into it. Seems like you know your stuff, thanks for teaching that to me!
  • Content - "The What" meaning your knowledge on the subjectPedagogy - "The How" meaning how do the students learn best?and Technology - "The Tools" meaning the resources you have and how they help.
  • Anytime! See you again soon!
  • See you around!