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The Great Gatsby
Updated: 11/15/2017
The Great Gatsby
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Aristotelian tragedy

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  • HAMARTIA Gatsby's view of himself being superior to everyone else. A Platonic view of himself. (Chapter 6)
  • HUBRIS Gatsby believes that him and Daisy will go back to how they were before, and she will leave Tom for him - also he believes there will be no consequences. (Chapter 6)
  • 'I'm going to fix everything just the way it was before'
  • 'You can't repeat the past'
  • PERIPETIA Tom and Gatsby argue over Daisy in a hotel room in New York, Gatsby wants Daisy to say she never loved Tom but she can't do it. She's so upset about the argument that she crashes the car and kills Myrtle. (Chapter 7)
  • ANAGNORISIS Daisy is revealed as the one who killed Myrtle, not Gatsby. Gatsby takes the blame and dooms himself because of how much he loves Daisy - she takes him for granted. (Chapter 7)
  • NEMESIS Gatsby is killed by Wilson and his body is left in the swimming pool. The only people who go to his funeral are: Nick, his father, some servants, the postman and Owl Eyes - Daisy nor Wolfsheim go. (Chapter 8)
  • CATHARSIS The reader feels catharsis when Gatsby dies as ultimately he's seen as a good man and the fact that Daisy doesn't go to his funeral when he dedicated the majority of his life to her.
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