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Nine- Nine
Updated: 11/12/2019
Nine-  Nine
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  • Terry
  • Choose your character
  • Gina
  • Jake
  • Roza
  • Raymond
  • Amy
  • Officer! There is a criminal on the loose. He is known to be the drug mafia and we are this close to catching him, but we cant do it without you help.
  • You must hurry! Go to Brownsville. He loves tricks and has left clues for you, find the clues and that will lead you to the mafia gang. Report back by midnight.
  • Hello Roza! I knew you could not resist following the clues. Here is one for you, Emi Mini Miny Mo, there was a child who stole the doll.
  • Ringgg Ringgg,"Hello detective, I see you have reached at anna's room, sadly you are at the wrong place. I like the kids tied up
  • iWERUwWIERUowieruOWIERUowiaefjhareiuthqiuerghawiehfn;kJWEFioewf
  • I am sure only his evil mind can think of putting a child in the basement.I can't find anything around here..
  • Maybe I should break these walls, Thank god I carry my axe with me! 
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  • Oh so precious item of yours', making you the badass of the squad. Find the next clue and be careful to not break your head without it.
  • How dare he touched my helmet!!! God it smells so disgusting here! I wish I could put Jake in there!!
  • Why did the clue led me to this smelly place! Uhggg.. Bang, Bang!! I think someone's in there, lets hurry!
  • Keep your hands where I can see them, you are under arrest and have the right to remain silent. Dont try to run, I have an AXE with me as well!!
  • Damn girl! You had everyone fooled, thinking of you as a man! Appreciate your intellegence, but you are in the wrong field!
  • You are as evil as they come! I am not worried about being arrested, lets see for how long can you hold me in.
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