Evolution Mechanisms
Updated: 4/16/2020
Evolution Mechanisms

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  • It's an explosion! only two hamsters survived!
  • Oh NO!
  • Yeah, but now there's more blonde hamsters than grey ones.
  • Yay! they found a new place to live
  • A couple went to the movies to watch the new "Hamster Adventure" Movie based on real life processes.
  • Aww!
  • The Hamster population suffered an explosion of their habitat and only two blonde hamsters survive. Now there's a smaller population.
  • Woah! why are they a different color?
  • A mutation!
  • Fortunately the hamsters found a new population, but now the blonde hamster population is outnumbering the grey hamster population. Gene flow altered.
  • 10 years later...
  • The mutated hamsters are almost invisible now!
  • Oh no! drought
  • The hamsters are all getting married and starting their own families, but it looks like they have their preferences. The blonde hamsters prefer to be with blonde hamsters. Definitely not random mating.
  • The hamster population just got bigger! but the offspring of the blonde hamsters are different. A Mutation occurred! (probably from the hamsters that entered the population). Things are really gonna change.
  • 10 years passed and the hamsters' environment changed and it's now desert(drought). The mutated hamsters have a color that blends in perfectly to the landscape so they have been able to survive & reproduce successfully. They adapted (natural selection). white hamsters win!!!
  • Great Movie!
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