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Updated: 11/11/2020
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  • Mary Shelley's Bio
  • Background on Frankenstein
  • Romantic and Victorian Eras
  • Mary's mother died 10 days after she was born.Mary Shelley never really got along with her stepmother, Mary Jane Clairmont.Mary Jane Clairmont never saw a need for Mary Shelley to be educated so, in Mary Shelley's free time, she was often reading or writing.After teenager Mary Shelley fled to England with married Percy Shelley, her father did not speak to her for some time.Percy Shelley’s pregnant wife later committed suicide, allowing Percy and Mary to marry in 1816.In 1822, Mary Shelley was widowed at the age of 24, leaving her to take care of herself and her only surviving child, a son.Mary Shelley died of brain cancer at the age of 53 in 1851.
  • Elements of Gothic Literature
  • Frankenstein was the product of long periods of isolation. It was written as a challenge as to who could write the best ghost story among writers Shelley, Percy, and Byron.Recieved as "great work for a girl", showing the blatant sexism of this era.Frankenstein was one of the first horror novels, paving the way for more writers to turn to this genre.
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • Frnakstein was Shelley's embodiment of romanticism, as she lived through the Romantic era and used many principles of this movement.The Victorian era heavily pushed the "damsel in distress" narrative on women, which many questioned Shelley.Science in the Victorian era caused people to question their beliefs, only furthering this with novels like Frankenstein.Victor Frankenstein epitomizes the romantic era through his constant innovation, simialr to that of the enlightenment period.Frnakenstein is a romantic character, proving throughout that he is not an evil being.
  • Medicine in the Victorian Era
  • Gothic literature is comprised of supernaturality, mystery, and secrtism. Shelley writes in a scientific and mysterious approch where Victor builds the experiment, gathering rather unnormal supplies, adding to the mystery Monster literature is a huge component of the gothic era.Frankenstein is stated as the first gothic novelwith the classic supernatural terror.Many qutes in Frankenstein push the life "life and death" concept that is popular in gothic literature.
  • The industrail evolution provided a rise in technology transferring prestation to the mordern world, as Frankenstain shows.
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