Cartoon of Middle East
Updated: 3/18/2020
Cartoon of Middle East

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  • Middle Eastern culture is known for their arranged marriages. They believe that love comes after marriage.
  • It all starts when the parents find a male for there daughter . The parents look for a male to marry there daughter. The marriage is all arranged by the parents, including set up by parents
  • Once the parents find a male the set up the marriage and they are set to marry on the day the parents say.And now they are married.
  • Western Culture have a very different way of finding people. It is a lot like the way we find people, they walk around and bump into people
  • For Example they could be walking around with there dog when they find someone
  • When they find someone they talk to them, and they start to talk more. And after talking for a long time it will lead to marriage between the two.