Makayla Wright
Updated: 2/7/2020
Makayla Wright

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  • Early Days of Washington
  • I wonder what job I will have when I'm older!?
  • Becoming President
  • I didn't want this job but we will see how this goes
  • Washington's Cabinet
  • I want to be the next president
  • Next President?
  • George Washington was the 1st President of the United States. He is from Virginia and he had a very wealthy background.
  • Enforcing Laws
  • I am the law enforcer!! Do what I say!!
  • I have bills to pay and this is part of my income
  • It's not fair!!
  • He was elected as president unanimously in 1789. When he was put into office he set presidential precedents.
  • "Mr. President"
  • I'm your ruler!!
  • In 1789, Washington created his presidential cabinet They are his advisors. His cabinet included John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Henry Knox, Alexander Hamilton, and Edmund Randolph.
  • "Goodbye"
  • I have set this country up for great success and now I have to let them thrive on their own.
  • Washington led a large militia attack to stop the farmers from creating chaos over the taxes put on all liquor to help payback states' debts. This was known as the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794. Washington laid down the law to let the people know who was boss.
  • Washington wanted the people he was governing to feel as if they were important. He didn't want them to feel like they were living under a monarchy. He wanted a simple, modest title to reflect the new government.
  • Let us decide!!!
  • No king!!!!
  • Washington did not want to go for a 3rd term. He felt as if political division was arising and he wanted to demonstrate a peaceful change in power. So, Washington wrote a farewell address saying to not have a permanent alliance with another country and do not create political parties and in 1797 he returned home