Updated: 5/21/2020
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  • Jacob lifted up a box. Music started coming out of the box and it began playing louder and louder. When purple steam started coming out of it. Then everything went silent and Ali and Jacob were gone.
  • Ali threw off her covers and stopped her alarm clock. Then walked into her brothers room. And woke him up
  • "Ugh Im up"
  • they walked down the stairs and sat at the long breakfast table.
  • "Breakfast is ready
  • *Opens window*
  • "Close the window im up!"
  • ¨NO were not were FALLING¨
  • They picked up their forks and started eating.They finished then they walked upstairs pulled down the ladder and climbed up to the attic
  • "So what were you guys thinking of doing today. If your bored you could clean the attic"
  • "Yeah"
  • "Sure we can clean the attic"
  • ¨I'm not sure but it's really-¨
  • ¨Ali what is this¨
  • Ali looked down, and saw a grass field that she was getting closer and closer to. *thump* Ali sat up holding her head
  • “Ali were floating!¨
  • Ali and Jacob then walked down to the town that they saw]/
  • "We just teleported to this place WITH A CASTLE. And a tiny town we had never seen before. Moms gonna kill me if she finds out we are here. "
  • "I mean you don't see this everyday, and if mom does find out it will be fine. Come on let's go see the town. Let's go, ``
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