the revenge of Mia Jonas

Updated: 5/19/2020
the revenge of Mia Jonas

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revenge, mia wanted to revenge her whole life .why? because she was abused and she was always told that she was a mistake, she hated her family, she hated feeling useless. that is when she met an awesome guy and started planning for revenge. want to know how then read our story

Storyboard Text

  • when I was a child my parents left me to my nanny and never visited me .
  • this is my mother who is basically a gold digger .
  • this are my two brothers , nick and mike Jonas ,which my parents adore much
  • this is my father , he owns a big company and has a lot of money
  • and this is me , my name is Mia Jonas , my parents never where there when I was growing up .
  • when I was 12 I was told to live with my parents .
  • when i was a newborn my parents left me to another house with a nanny .
  • i had of course a pair of loving parents , and that's a lie , i wouldn't say that they were the perfect parents but i will say that they are far from perfect . i never knew my oldest brother cause he is a singer and he is always busy .
  • why should I give my money to some mistake ?!
  • can I have some money for my birthday ?
  • that's what you deserve .
  • when i was 12 my parents want me to live with them again , so i did at first i was exicted since i thought they were going to be real nice to me , like why not .
  • please don't leave me here !!!,Ii'm scared !mom
  • my dad was always out somewhere , i assume work . my mom and my brother kept abusing me ,i thought they were nice but i was wrong .
  • it's when my 13 birthday that i realize that i wasn't apart of the family well atleast they think i wasn't . it was my birthday and my brothers birthday that time they were celebrating his birthday not mine .
  • that day my mom locked me in the dungeon and it was really dark and scary i wanted to scream and stuff but i can't .