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Updated: 12/14/2020
Macbeth storyboard

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  • Act 5, Scene 5
  • "It is the cry of women, my good lord" -Seyton
  • "What is that noise?" -Macbeth
  • Act 5, Scene 5
  • "..and anon methoughtThe wood began to move."
  • "Liar and slave!"
  • Act 5, Scene 6
  • Do we but find the tyrant's power tonight. Let us be beaten if we cannot fight.
  • "And show like those you are.." -Malcolm
  • Macbeth, Seyton, and soldiers on this scene, talking about preparing their flags for people trying to come in the castle. They then hear women crying because the Queen is dead.
  • Act 5, Scene 7
  • "My name's Macbeth"
  • "The devil himself could not pronounce a title more hateful to mine ear"
  • This scene was pretty important because the messenger comes to tell Macbeth that he believes he saw the forest begin to move. Macbeth doesn't believe him and tells him that if he is lying, he will hang him until he starves to death. Then Macbeth says if you are telling the truth, then the messenger can do the same to him
  • Act 5, Scene 8
  • Why should I play the Roman fool and die on mine own sword?
  • I have no words.My voice is in my sword. Thou bloodier villain
  • This scene, Malcolm, Siward, and Macduff are carrying branches preparing to meet Macbeth's army.
  • Act 5, Scene 8
  • "So he is dead?"
  • "Hail King!"
  • In this scene, Macbeth and Young Siward meet each other. The two argue it out and then finally Young Siward tells Macbeth that he will prove him wrong with his sword. The two fight it out, and Young Siward is killed
  • This scene was about Macbeth and Macduff arguing whether or not Macbeth should kill himself.
  • Macduff, Siward, and Malcolm battle it out with Macbeth. Macbeth is found dead and Macduff walks in carrying his head.
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