social studies comic strip
Updated: 12/12/2019
social studies comic strip
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  • FLQ bombed public places
  • oh no!
  • waaaaaa!
  • FLQ placed bombs in mailboxes
  • AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!bomb!
  • FLQ kidnap James cross and Pierre Laporte
  • Don't hurt me!!Im important!
  • The FLQ was trying to make points to the government when they placed bombs in public places killing and injuring people.
  • PM Pierre Trudeau invoked the war measures act
  • A common tactic used by the FLQ was to place bombs in mailboxes so when they were opened and triggered, it would potentially kill the person.
  • Police arrest innocents on suspicion
  • You are coming with us under suspicious activity!
  • Where are you taking him!?
  • The FLQ decided to kidnap British diplomat James Cross from his home in broad daylight, and Provincial Deputy Premiere Pierre Laporte and held them hostage.
  • FLQ trade Cross for plane to escape
  • PM Pierre Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act after the FLQs relentless bombings, that gave the the police all rights to do whatever means necessary to ensure the safety of the people of Quebec.
  • This is an act against human rights!!!
  • War Measures Act
  • Hes protecting us!
  • With the ivokement of the War Measures Act, the police could now search peoples homes without warrants and could detain an innocent, with no evidence against them and no trial. It was seen as an act against human rights.
  • What suspicious activity?!
  • WHAT!
  • After the discovery of Pierre Laporte's body, the FLQ demanded a plane in exchange for James Cross so they could escape to Cuba without being caught. A couple years after the escape of the members, they were forced to return and were arrested.
  • At least im safe:(
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