Updated: 2/9/2021

Storyboard Text

  • first give me your phone and then your gonna get some rest . When you go to school tomorrow i will talk to the principle (4th)
  • honey it whats going on , are those people on social media bothering you again (second)
  • please stop messing with my , ive never do anything to yall. (6th)
  • *crys* why do i have to have cancer ? (first)
  • she gives her the phone * (5th)
  • yes and i dont know what to do anymore mom ! (third)
  • have good day mom im going to head out for school see you later .
  • oh , hey kenzie goodmorning 1
  • can you guys stop being so mean , its not cool . 5
  • hey jasalyn , how are you feeling ? 2
  • hahaahahahahh 3
  • blah blah blah . 6
  • oh look its the cancer girl and her sidekick 4
  • go ahead ms.kenzie 2
  • i know the answer the question 1
  • x+7=10-9 (third)
  • yeah thats wrong 5th
  • yeah go away your always trying to make someone feel bad about themself (3rd)
  • your only being mean to me because of my cancer (2nd)
  • hey leave those girls alone (4th)
  • whatever byeee (5th)
  • ew look at those girls (1st)
  • its alright , but you shouldnt treat people that way . my cancer is something serious to me
  • sure i would love that ! (4th)
  • sorry for being so mean to you ! (1st)
  • im so sorry , can we be friends ? (3rd)