science 1

Updated: 3/6/2021
science 1

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  • tornado alley:- Kansas- Oklahoma -- Texas - Missouri - Nebraska
  • every year tornados in tornado alley affect thousands of people
  • tornados affect these areas because the cold air from Canada mixes with the warm air from the Gulf Of Mexico
  • its so warm outside and yesterday it was 30 degrees
  • yes but it is perfect weather for a tornado
  • The weather before a tornado is very cool, the winds die down, and the air becomes very still. Thunderstorms may occur before as well.
  • oh no! there is a tornado warning, we better take cover
  • when your area is under a tornado warning you should take shelter in a low area with no windows
  • oh no we are in the path and its really close
  • I'm scared
  • the bad news is it hit our house, the good news is we are all safe because we took cover
  • we got a brand new house and it was all ok in the end but if there is a tornado warning in your area make sure to take cover