Climate change
Updated: 5/8/2020
Climate change

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Climte hchange

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  • Well I'm really worried about our planet, but I don't know what to do?
  • What could I do by myself to help the world?
  • Whats wrong Shella?
  • Well their is alot you can do actually.
  • Really!
  • Come with me to the greenhouse.
  • Right CO2 and other gases like methan causes the earth to heat up.
  • If we understand how we create them we can we can apply small and pig personal changes to help the climate.
  • If you understand the green house effect then you understand what causes it right. Things like methane and Co2.
  • So if I eat a primoraly eat veggies or became vegan I could help
  • Thats Cool
  • Lets look in the kitchen their are two big things we can do to help the climate
  • Theirs also our refigerators. If you buy the right one it won't create chemical byproducts that increase Climate Change
  • Certain foods we eat create GH Gases as a byproduct. Meat by produces methane a exceptional GH gas.
  • wow I didn't know we could do so much
  • We can also petition our governments to have more walk able environments.
  • This way we use less transportation that creates GH Gases like CO2.
  • What could we possible do in the here
  • So I have A bigger impact than I though.
  • If we reduce the population their will be less people who use things that accelerate Climate change
  • When we educate women they tend to have less children, therfore reducing the population.