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Updated: 12/20/2019
Story board project
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  • Exposition
  • EVIL
  • Rising Action
  • Climax
  • In the beginning of the story we meet are narrator which is the murder of the old man but are narrator finds a reason for killing the old man it is because of his blind eye that he said looks like a vultures eye.
  • Falling Action
  • He goes through to tell us he is not crazy then goes into talking about how the old mans eye is evil and he does not hate the man just his eye and then comes up with the idea that killing the old man is the only way to get rid of the eye so he watch the old man for nights on end to get rid of that devil eye.
  • Resolution
  • It was me who killed the old man
  • But on one night was different because the old man was awake as are narrator peeked in on the old man when the old man got more curious so are narrator smothered the old man with the bed he was sleeping on.
  • Theme / Conflict
  • After are narrator kills the old man he dismembers the body in the bathtub then puts the bits under the floor boards but then the police show up and searches the house but they don't find anything so they sit down and talk in the room the old man died in.
  • After a while of the officers talking the narrator starts to hear a heart beat coming under the floor broads it got to the point he couldn't take it anymore so he told the police that he killed the old man and hid the body under the floor broads.
  • thumpthump
  • The conflict for this story would be man Vs. self because of the reason that he wanted to kill the old man is because of his inner thought telling he the eye was evil. The theme of this story would be that the truth will reveal itself.
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